Dear little sister


Dear little sister,

I know I said this a couple of times already but: I am so excited about this blog! You and I do not spend enough time together, by a long shot, and I hope that this little space will make up for at least some of it. Of course, it is not the same as living nearby, because what is a letter compared to a spontaneous coup of tea, or a leisurely brunch (with your fabulous pancakes, of course), or even a long phone call? But still, it is better than nothing and I know both you and I have been wanting to build a blog for a while. Somewhere to collect our creative efforts, musings and failed (or not so failed attempts) at picking up a new skill.

I want to write to you about ideas and thoughts, recipes and happy moments, half-baked plans and little successes. I'm hoping that this little blog will give both of us a space to stay in touch, and a reason to keep our hobbies alive. We both know how great we are at making plans, and how many of them slip by the wayside. I bet I'll be much better at keeping things up if I know you'll call me otherwise! I'm hoping we will build up a set of memories to look back over, and a collection of little accomplishments to be proud of. Most of all, I hope that we become a little more regular part of each others lives.

I'm looking forward to it! All the very best,

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