Dinner and a Movie


Dear big sister,

This wednesday, I did something revolutionary: After a long and stressful day at work, I was walking home, thinking of all the stuff to do and I just stopped. I turned around and walked the other direction. I left all the to-do-lists, cleaning schedules, people-to-see and places-to-go behind. I just ducked out of all my plans and spontaneously took myself to dinner and a movie. 

Instead of being crushed by what I felt like I needed to do, I just took some time for myself. To Breathe. I took the freedom of not caring about anything but myself for a night. Not in a selfish way, more in a self-preserving way. Society seems to tell us, that good expierinces need to be shared. If nobody sees how much fun you are having, it is like it didn't happen. But the secret is: it did. Nobody needs to know but you.

So tonight I took myself out on a little date. I didn't clean or think about work or even had a conversation with a friend. I took the freedom of a true night off. To get to know myself a little bit more. I allowed myself the freedom of not pushing myself. Of conciously staying inside my comfort zone, when I usually like to challange myself. Not tonight.

I walked to my favourite vietnamese place and had my favourite soup. I took the long route to the cinema, passing places I know like the back of my hand. I window shopped at all the lovely shops I usually just hurry past. I grabbed the best ice-cream and picked the cinema, that I know has the most comfy seats. I treated myself to popcorn and coke, my favourite movie-snack. 

I snuggled into my seat, watched the remake of a movie I love and just enjoyed my little bubble of calm happiness. No surprises, no pressure, no stress. All the rest can wait another day. 



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  1. This sounds like a really nice day.

    Note to self: Take a break from life once in a while