On joy and anticipation


Dear little sister,

you know what else helps to keep a positive outlook and a happy life? Making the most of the special moments that are already there. Happiness, especially the one caused by special moments, is so fleeting. An hour of concert, a week of holiday, a great day out with friends from far away, and before you know it they are all over and it’s back to Monday morning. This is why it is so important to try to make the most of them by actively fostering anticipation, and cherishing memories. When planning something in advance, there are weeks or even months to look forward to it! After it passes, there are months to fondly think back to the best bits. It’s like worrying, but in reverse! It doesn’t even have to be complicated, all I need to do is tap into the enthusiasm that is already there, and take a minute to enjoy it, whenever I remember that something is coming up.  Pre-living and re-living the good moments makes them last longer and feel like a bigger part of my life, and it helps against that feeling that time is slipping through my fingers, one day the same as the next. Turns out my life is already pretty varied and exciting, I just need to make sure I remember it.

The breakfast cups look great! I’m firmly hooked on porridge every morning, but they look like amazing snacks for a hiking trip or a Sunday picnic.

All the very best,


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